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Staten5   in reply to hopesplace   on

I need free dental work

Get Free Dental, I think it's great that you offer grants for those who desperately need dental care now! We need more people like you who are willing to offer resources and help to those in need.

But if you still can't get dental insurance because you don't qualify, it's too expensive or have exhausted all other avenues--I would look into dental benefits. It's not insurance but rather a discount benefits program where you save a lot of money on the dental work your need done. You have to pay out of pocket anyway so why not save?

I've helped an overwhelming amount of people (very similiar to those who have posted here) get access to affordable dental care. Sometimes, when all else fails and there isn't resources in your area (like free dental clinics), then looking to getting dental benefits is a great option.

Feel free to go to my page for more information or contact me for I'm all for helping those who need help to the best of my ability. Also, since I've had a really bad tooth ache in the past and it hurt like (beep), I wouldn't recommend keep putting off your care because soon your just going to want to yank your tooth out (of course, I don't recommend this at all). Get help today if you can :).

Good luck to you all!

T. Staten

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Staten5   in reply to dugkats   on

About dugkats


It looks like your son can't qualify for Dental insurance or it's too expensive. I would look into free dental clinics in your area if there's any. Or checkout the Salvation Army, local community colleges may do free or cheap dental evaluations. Don't give up, but I would for sure google to see what your area offers.

If all else fails, I would highly recommend looking into Dental Benefits. It's not insurance but instead it provides you significants savings on the dental work you need done. You have to pay out of pocket anyway, so why not save? It's affordable and many people are utilizing it because they have exhausted all their other options.

Feel free to go on page to checkout my website or contact me if I could be of anymore help.

Good Luck!

T. Staten

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Staten5   in reply to DT   on

In Dire Need of Dental Assistance

 in response to patchiesgirl...   

Patchiesgirl and DT,

There are some free dental clinics that may be in your area that would be available to assist you. I would try googling or calling your local social assistance office to see what resources they have. I know in my area, the schools do dental evaluations for a couple dollars. Also, try the Salvation Army too.

If all else fails and dental insurance is too expensive or you can't qualify for it, then I would look into dental benefits. Feel free to contact me or go on my website to learn more about utilizing dental benefits which can save you a great deal of money on dental expenses. You may end up having to pay out of pocket anyway so why not save?

 Good luck!

T. Staten

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Staten5   in reply to xdarkflower27x   on

work at home

It all depends on if your looking for a work at home "job" or a work at home "business."

 Yes, if it's a job and they want you to pay upfront for whatever reason then most likely it's a scam. Try Apline Access or West, they are jobs you can do at home but you go through the hiring process like any other job you would in the outside world.

 Now, as for the "business"-most home-based business do require a start-up cost or an overhead fee which covers marketing, materials and getting you set up for your business. When you have a home-based business you are your own boss and so you need to treat it as a new business (just the same as if you were opening up a new bakery for instance).

 Good luck on your search and let me know if I can help in anyway.

T. Staten

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Staten5   in reply to SysBot   on

What's on your heart and mind today?

Trying to help people get access to affordable health/dental care. My mission is to help the un-insured save money on care they would already have to pay full price out of their pocket...

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About Staten5

Hello Everyone on AidPage!

I'm here to offer my support, advice and information for those who don't have health/dental insurance because they can't afford it or qualify.

I'm a Benefits Specialist with a company that offers affordable benefits programs for those seeking access to affordable health care.


My goal is to truly to be an advocate to those suffering in this healthcare crisis and offer my services to those looking to save on their care now.

God Bless to you all!

T. Staten

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